Enterprise IT Systems

Enterprise IT systems are technologies designed to integrate and manage entire business processes for large organisations. Typically, enterprise application software is hosted on large servers over a computer network. Transmission of information can either be internal or external. Examples of enterprise information systems may be accounting software, health care specific software or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Another good example of software application within this category is Customer relationship management software (CRM). The role of Information technology in business is wide and varied. It can be said that IT provides a huge range of capabilities that enhance management performance at all levels.

Virtualization Solution
  • Microsoft/VMWare Solution,
  • Server Virtualization,
  • Desktop Virtualization,
  • Storage Virtualization

ISO/ISMS Compliance Support
  • ISO 27001 compliance,
  • ISO/ISMS is an valuable credential which will give organization a competitive advantage,
  • Helping organization to define IT Process in accordance to ISO Standard,
  • Helping organization to apply, comply and maintain ISO certification.

Industry Specific Solution
  • Small size Industry,
  • Mid-size Industry